Run For The Kids

My third, and most probably last, go at this event. Nothing went wrong; it was all just a rather frustrating experience. Feeding 35,000 people through the baggage area, toilet area, and Start line must be a logistical nightmare, and standing in line after line really doesn’t do it for me.

I drove down last night (because the thought of a 3:30am wake-up didn’t appeal much either) and stayed with Ted and Margi – thanks HEAPS guys! – which left me with a 15-minute drive into town this morning. Followed by a 20-minute hunt for a car park. I got lucky on my second loop with a roomy spot under a large tree, in a road that I would remember how to get back to afterwards! Even if it was over a kilometre from the event arena.

Then I queued for a toilet. Followed by a queue to drop off my bag. Then I wandered around trying to spot the other Step Into Lifers from Bendigo. No chance! I could hear the first wave of 15-kayers being called to the Start line so I wandered over to my yellow wave. And queued to get in. Queued to get to the Start line after the hooter went off. Queued and elbowed around the hairpin and through the tunnel and along the freeway. The crowed never thinned, and there were still elbows flying everywhere right up to the final turn into the finish straight. Saw the queue for bag pickup and shuddered. Walked around, stretched, and resigned myself to yet another queue. 20 minutes later, I was reunited with my phone and found out where the others were meeting for lunch. More queues to get out of the park and over the road. Sigh. So over it! So glad I don’t live in Melbourne any more.

15 km in 1:32 moving time

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One Response to Run For The Kids

  1. Julie Flynn says:

    I’m with you on the queue hating!