Williamstown 10 km


Why did I do this again? Oh yeah, setting goals; getting faster; yada yada yada. I forgot the bit about having to get up at WTF o’clock, in order to drive to Bendigo by OMG o’clock, to carpool to Melbourne for the start at 8 o’clock.

Matters were complicated slightly by Bendigo running out of diesel on Friday just as I needed to fill the tank. None to be had anywhere. %$#@! I had enough to get home, 50km away, and that was it. Thankfully, I have an amazing friend (you know who you are! :-) ) who loaned me her petrol Mazda for the weekend. Power.Arm.Steering. And manual gearbox, which I haven’t had to operate too often since I got Vincent. But a fun little car to drive, and we were best friends by the time I got home.

So anyway. Williamstown. Our current little heatwave called a truce this morning, and it was a very fresh 15 degrees in Melbourne. Minus windchill of about the same, with a strong onshore breeze.

The course was two loops up and down the foreshore, starting in the middle of a figure of eight. Each of the turnaround points (four in total) put you straight into the guts of a strong cold headwind. The western end had you right next to the water, which was doing its best to get airbourne and drench runners as we trudged into the headwind. Evil.

Other than that, it was quite pleasant, and I was holding a 5:30-5:40 pace. Not pushing, or doing anything stupid; just trying to hold a light easy aerobic trot. My goal time was (a) to finish; and (b) to get under 60 minutes. The nice-to-have (c) was 55 minutes, but that wasn’t going to happen today.

And then on the way home, Mick and Julie started discussing which marathon we’re going to run next year. Hahahaha, ROFLMAO! Maybe later. I need to lose 5kg and get a bit quicker before I start thinking about anything longer.

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